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  • Conte-nos um pouco sobre si mesmo, se você fosse escolher algo, o que você gostaria que os outros absolutamente soubessem sobre você?

    I have two comic books in print and have started to write poetry and film scripts.

    I also hire other porn stars with art and animation backgrounds when possible. I support the community

  • Quais são seus hobbies, o que você gosta de fazer em seu tempo livre?

    For fun I bake and read books.
    Lifting weights in the gym and taking walks outdoors are pleasures I take in regularly when I'm not working.

  • Como você dá o melhor na sua vida?

    First, if they're cool, I don't watch a clock. I keep all clocks and phones out of sight.

    Sometimes they'll get excited and finish before their time is up. If they're fun, I'll pull them down and try to get them going again. Often they'll say they're worn out, but they love that they're being pulled back for a second (or third) time.

  • O que você faz para se divertir?

    I read, I read and write comic books, I travel.
    LOVE to be physical.

    I Love to build muscle in the gym

    I'm also a closet Furry.

  • Conte-nos sobre a melhor experiência que você teve na vida.

    Best surprise play was when I walked into the hotel room and
    there was a party with 9 others and we all had fun the whole night. They were some of the hottest men I've ever had the chance to spend time with.

    Best emotional surprise was when a customer invited me to his wedding as a witness.

  • O que o distingue de todas as outras pessoas que você conhece?

    My height first of all. My attitude and physical presence, which no other *** is able to pull off like I can. Then the unique combination of humor and experiences that make it all come together

  • O que você diria que são seus maiores atributos e / ou especialidade / especialidades?

    My height (6'6''), My large, massive intense presence, my expressive face and my strong, independent attitude.

    My specialty is size play, power, comfort, all the things you enjoy out of a bigger, more confident man taking control of the situation.

  • Qual é o seu "nicho"?

    I am the Beast. I am the masculine powerful monster clothed in comfort and form fitting style. I like elegance and a comfortable home with books and art and trees. My companion would be a creative, enthusiastic person stimulated by curiosity (and preferably smaller).

    Some guys like to try to dominate me and conquer me, which is the fun flip side.

  • Com que frequência você viaja? Você prefere viajar ou você é mais um casero?

    I travel 1 week a month, usually to Boston for business. Lately I've been traveling all over the place for fun

  • Que tipo de regime de dieta e fitness você segue?

    I go to the gym 6x a week for 1-3 hrs a day depending on how much cardio I have to do.

    I eat about 6000 calories a day. Personally, I have to keep my sugar levels even lower than average, so I have to even watch out for carrots and vegetables that are sweet.

  • Quais são as especificidades de seu estilo de vida que fazem quem você é?

    I go to the gym to become better as a bodybuilder. I'm currently writing and directing two comics (one a children's comic, the other gay supernatural mystery comic), and I travel around to reconnect with friends.

    My next travel spaces are New Zealand, Scuba Diving in the Meditteranean, and writing my memoirs.

    I eat healthy, keep the protein powder and supplements handy, visit art museums at least once a week, and surround myself with creative, positive people. I'm diligent about my work in every aspect of my life, from ***ing to personal training to being an at-home-cake-decorator. I keep business very organized and make time for the people who matter.

  • O que você gostaria que seus leitores soubessem sobre você que é único e até um pouco pessoal?

    That I'm actually happy with my life. This is shocking for many clients and people who know what I do. There is a belief that ***s must be struggling with personal demons or severe problems that have brought them to the current lifestyle they have. That's a flat out lie. We have the same number of happy, healthy people as any other industry.

    Sure, I have my things like everyone else, but I'm far better off than most people I know.

    I think that makes people more excited to spend time with me because it's refreshing to have positive energy and a strong drive.

  • Se nós sentamos na praia e bebemos vinho e comemos boa comida só você e eu, o que você iria me dizer sobre você e sua vida?

    "I'm grateful for the life I have. I've been blessed with good fortune and good health and alot of love. I'm excited about the future. I don't know how it's going to turn out, or whether I'll do everything I set out to do in life, but I'm going to give it my best and make it a life worth remembering."

    "What about you?"

  • O que os outros deveriam saber absolutamente sobre você?

    I have few, but non-negotiable criteria for who I will see.
    They have to show concern for both my needs and their needs.
    They have to be able to communicate clearly.
    They have to be able to keep commitments.
    And they have to trust that I know what I'm doing.

  • O que você mais gosta em si mesmo?

    I love to feel the freedom. I love having a fun time trying so many ways to experience pleasure and making a living out of it and sharing my knowledge and experience with people I meet.

  • Quais são 5 coisas que você não pode viver sem?

    My Gym, Appetite, Good Health, Passport and Sense of Humor!