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O que são entrevistas exclusivas

Conheça um pouco mais sobre a personalidade e preferências do acompanhanate que você está revendo para poder decidir se entrar em contato.

Apenas RentMen dá aos acompanhantes ou massagistas uma opção para lhe fornecer uma entrevista pessoal em suas próprias palavras para que você possa tomar uma decisão melhor com base no que ele diz sobre si mesmo. Leia sobre seu ponto de vista pessoal, aprenda o que ele pensa sobre seu trabalho, o que ele faz em seu tempo livre e como ele quer que você se sinta depois de passar algum tempo juntos.

Esses caras são muito mais do que fotos e descrições - somente RentMen lhe dá a chance de descobrir a um lado deles você pode achar muito interessante! Conheça-o antes de ligar!

Minha Entrevista

Caros Visitantes do RentMen, Recentemente CzechmateXXL escolheu responder 16 de perguntas da entrevista e foi atualizada pela última vez em .

  • O que os outros deveriam saber absolutamente sobre você?

    I love to have a good time and prefer lighter mood. Am organised, hyperactive, worldly with strong character. Happy go lucky kinda guy. Street smart as well as intelligent.

  • Como você dá o melhor na sua vida?

    I am very modest person and love to help where is needed and where it isn't waste of energy

  • O que você diria que são seus maiores atributos e / ou especialidade / especialidades?

    Being charming

  • Qual é o seu "nicho"?

    My brain and my commitment.

  • O que o distingue de todas as outras pessoas que você conhece?

    I am very down to earth and i don't make promises i cant keep !
    My purpose here is to deliver performance while keeping it classy. When it comes to my skills in bed? I have the biggest dick you have ever seen on a white guy. I can be very gentle, romantic and sensual but i can also be very bossy, mean, demanding and selfish. However even if you (on request) turn me into my beast mode i will always treat you with respect. My mind and soul will always be there present as well as my body! I Am an excellent masseur naturally gifted and i take massage beyond qualified..I will massage you to complete relaxation until you fall a sleep. After i give you my first truly unique one, two or three hour massages you will be following my profile and waiting for me to reach your city again.

  • Conte-nos um pouco sobre si mesmo, se você fosse escolher algo, o que você gostaria que os outros absolutamente soubessem sobre você?

    i come from Prague. But my mind is not entirely Eastern European. Not into labels but consider myself straight acting with no attitude. I Grew up without parents since the age of 4.... imagine the rest. I don't get wound up easily but am definitely not a good person to mess about or try to impress with bullshit. I don't like to get involved in *** politics and in who is better or worst. and 100% not into gossip. So if it is a secret that you shouldn't tell anyone, i really don't want to know. I don't like like people that judge others because there may always be something more to that person being judged. Knowing someone a day or hearing made up tailored stories doesn't mean anything.

  • Quais são seus hobbies, o que você gosta de fazer em seu tempo livre?

    I love driving bikes and cars, cross fit, MMA, swimming, basketball, tennis, making beats, diving, acting. helping others. lounging in beach clubs, running, jumping, climbing. You name it - let's do it

  • O que você faz para se divertir?

    I think i have way too many hobbies. I am up for anything fun that gets me out of a stereotype life

  • Conte-nos sobre a melhor experiência que você teve na vida.

    Graduated car engineer, 3,5 years Czech military, Lived in UK 6 years, Zurich 2 years, Laussane 1 year, Paris 1 year, Hong Kong 4 years, Bangkok 6 years. I have traveled to very many countries in between learned languages and gained some good friends

  • Com que frequência você viaja? Você prefere viajar ou você é mais um casero?

    As often as I can

  • Que tipo de regime de dieta e fitness você segue?

    When it comes to food i have done my research and try to avoid things that arent good for body. But i do get carried away on cheescake, carrot cake, salted crisps and french pastries. Some things that arent good for the body are good for the mind.

    Gym ? :D I know everything you can possibly imagine about work out. Ive done several martial arts as a hobby and now mainly stick to Thai boxing and Jiu Jitsu. I am a short guy for a European don't take heavy drugs and steroids or bad supplements. I have a training season and lazy season. However i have naturally good metabolism.

  • Quais são as especificidades de seu estilo de vida que fazem quem você é?

    I don't like to be taken care of and am more focused on taking care of others. I am a man of honour. Dont like to walk around hot pot so being straight forward and using common sense is the definition of me.I Grew up without parents since the age of 4. thats 30 years ago and i am way way over it..

  • O que você gostaria que seus leitores soubessem sobre você que é único e até um pouco pessoal?

    not good with compliments as i get shy and bored of them. My usual response to them is simple thank you..I am laid back, down to earth, creative enthusiastic and am very aware of how short life is. I love diving, riding motorcycles and cars. I like outdoor festivals, any sorts of water sports. Dining, winning, photography, film editing, acting and music making. Most importantly I love spending time with genuine people who don’t just want to carry me around like a keychain! I am street smart, bright and very sharp guy when it is necessary.

  • Se nós sentamos na praia e bebemos vinho e comemos boa comida só você e eu, o que você iria me dizer sobre você e sua vida?

    I like to exchange stories and experiences, talk about places ive visited, people i met, laugh at mistakes ive done, obstacles i managed to overcome and comment positively about friends i gained and friends i lost. There is no room for negative things in my life even though i do get down sometimes, as we all do.

  • O que você mais gosta em si mesmo?

    I am very open minded person thats not into drama. No subject is a taboo. I am also very outgoing but definitely avoid the scene. It is impossible for you to find me hanging around gay bars, dark rooms or gay saunas. I have creative personality and like talking about interesting things. Not just dicks and asses.

  • Quais são 5 coisas que você não pode viver sem?

    Mutual respect - I do get very furious if other people disrespect or try to take advantage of me and others. Including Family, friends or just a random person on a street. I dont really get upset over ignorance of people that dont play any role in my life.

    Fairness - I dont deal with anyone that i consider not to be fair play or has failed me in the past repeatedly. Therefore Fairness is very important for me in my life.

    Peace in mind - Even though is not always possible to achieve.

    Honesty - I was never a good liar and dont like those who are.

    Friends - I do get lonely in Asia and don't like to surround myself with overexadurating, self centred, selfish, gossiping and judgemental people.