Prezados visitantes do RentMen, GavinCraul escolheu responder 13 perguntas da entrevista que foram atualizadas pela última vez em 21 Aug 2023


  • Como você dá o melhor na sua vida?
    I am very devoted to the act of creation. It supersedes everything else in my life.
  • Conte-nos um pouco sobre si mesmo, se você fosse escolher algo, o que você gostaria que os outros absolutamente soubessem sobre você?
    I have a subscription to the Criterion channel ;)
  • O que você gostaria que seus leitores soubessem sobre você que é único e até um pouco pessoal?
    I wrote a very confessional novel, a mad coming-of-age tale.
  • Quais são seus hobbies, o que você gosta de fazer em seu tempo livre?
    Reading fiction, reading philosophy, learning history, the beach, working out, running, swimming, cycling, theatre, film, dance, art, music, learning new languages, learning old languages. If I had more time on my hands at the moment, I'd be practicing my Spanish, and as soon as I felt comfortable with that, I'd probably learn Korean. Then, maybe Farsi, Ancient Greek, Italian and Portuguese bc I think I could pick those two up fairly quickly, then Old English. I want to complete a collection of short stories. If I had all the resources in the world, I'd be taking singing lessons, learning piano, learning guitar, and taking post-baccalaureate classes in economics...seriously!
  • Se nós sentamos na praia e bebemos vinho e comemos boa comida só você e eu, o que você iria me dizer sobre você e sua vida?
    I like to find the funniness in the imperfections, even the tragedies, of daily life. I hope I'd share something I think is funny and that you would think is funny as well :)
  • O que você diria que são suas maiores qualidades e especialidades?
    I'm very curious about people, about people's stories, and their relationships. I find being judgmental or others being judgmental a limiting act, violent act. I don't practice one-upping people. I think community is essential.
  • Qual é o seu "nicho"?
    I love connecting with people. Physicality is one way to connect. Yet we have multiple ways of making connections with each other. Each of us is unique. Each connection we make with an other is also unique. I want to find out what will be our unique way of connecting with each other.
  • Quais são as especificidades de seu estilo de vida que fazem quem você é?
    I have to perform. I have to write. I have to laugh. I have to be physically active. And I NEED nature!!! Preferably the ocean!
  • Quais são 5 coisas que você não pode viver sem?
    Performing live in the theatre, writing fiction, the ocean, pizza, and beer ;)
  • Com que frequência você viaja? Você prefere viajar ou você é mais um casero?
    I LOVE to travel. I love exploring different cultures and different languages. If I could be doing anything right now, I'd be touring Latin America, honing my Spanish language skills, and surfing the Pacific.
  • O que o distingue de todas as outras pessoas que você conhece?
    I think pleasure is essential to being human and experiencing a full life.
  • O que os outros deveriam saber absolutamente sobre você?
    I absolutely love to laugh. I need funny in my life!
  • O que você mais gosta em si mesmo?
    I really have a wonderful ability at making other people feel comfortable. I hold space for others, inviting others to be themselves, and allowing people to express themselves.