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O que são entrevistas exclusivas

Conheça um pouco mais sobre a personalidade e preferências do acompanhanate que você está revendo para poder decidir se entrar em contato.

Apenas RentMen dá aos acompanhantes ou massagistas uma opção para lhe fornecer uma entrevista pessoal em suas próprias palavras para que você possa tomar uma decisão melhor com base no que ele diz sobre si mesmo. Leia sobre seu ponto de vista pessoal, aprenda o que ele pensa sobre seu trabalho, o que ele faz em seu tempo livre e como ele quer que você se sinta depois de passar algum tempo juntos.

Esses caras são muito mais do que fotos e descrições - somente RentMen lhe dá a chance de descobrir a um lado deles você pode achar muito interessante! Conheça-o antes de ligar!

Minha Entrevista

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  • O que você diria que são suas maiores qualidades e especialidades?

    Growing up an only child, of a single father, left me; somewhat isolated as a kid. Not in a negative way, just with a lot of time unmonitored inwhich I was trusted, i-guess-you-would-say, to do the right thing. I didn’t know at the time but soon came to know this thing to be called integrity. My father was really big on integrity and always taught me the importance creating harmony between what you do and what you say.
    When I was 17 years old I was blessed with the fortune of being allowed to trek through Tibet for 7 months, studying meditation and tibetan buddhist philosophy. This may have been the most transformative periods in my life. I experienced Oneness for the first time on this trip during a meditation in which i realized that individuality is a human notion, and that wenare actually all just a fragment of one larger being. That your suffering is mine and mine is yours - that none of us are well until all of us are well, and so on… you get my point…
    I have found so much growth and healing through forgiveness. And the cool part is that it really has nothing to do with whoever you are forgiving. Its just about letting go.

  • O que o distingue de todas as outras pessoas que você conhece?

    I think one of the things that makes me stand out most from the crowd is that my time spent with clients is never A mechanical or scripted experience; it’s always unique to the individual I like to get to know them on a personal level and genuinely open up and be authentic. With this allows for my relationships with clients to compound overtime and develop significant connection between us each time we see each other and we develop rapport. Do you opportunity for both of us to get to know each other is very valuable to me and it’s truly rare in the stage especially after the pandemic and I truly value that and it’s a gift that I’m grateful for every day. I’m not a clock watcher I genuinely care about the people that I meet with, I’m doing this as an opportunity to meet new people and connect on a deeper level.

  • Qual é o seu "nicho"?

    I tend to be seen for my “jock” / “college athlete” vibe. Along with the playful ex-frat boy in me this combo really helps guys come out of their shell and confronts them with a dreamy, sexual fantasy generally leading to some wild passionate sex and playing out some of their greatest fantasies in real life!

  • Que tipo de regime de dieta e fitness você segue?

    I’m a certified nutritionist and NASM certified trainer - Therefore I tend to live a very simple structured life. I Workout often and eat well. With Equinox being closed I’ve had to discover a whole new realm of exercises which don’t require me to have weights.

  • O que você gostaria que seus leitores soubessem sobre você que é único e até um pouco pessoal?

    I think over the course of the past year I’ve grown tremendously this from being a very frivolous and you know fun activity to really be something that I could learn to connect and work with other people I am and see myself in them and how I could help another person ever I see in the things that I do now as an is a connecting and healing with another person that’s the beauty of what I do.

  • O que você faz para se divertir?

    - Volunteering
    - Hiking
    - Tutoring
    - Practicing Languages
    - Studying various topics online expanding my world view. Taking UDEMY courses.
    - Hanging with friends
    - Calling my mom
    - playing chess

  • O que os outros deveriam saber absolutamente sobre você?

    - When I was 17, I had the opportunity to backpack across Tibet for 7 months studying Buddhist meditation and breathing techniques that have helped me to this day.
    - My Father was my best friend in the world and recently passed away, suddenly this past December. It was something I thought I would never be able to overcome (growing up), but when faced with this tremendous loss; It was the inner strength I learned from him that allowed me to step up and care for his parents and take on even bigger roles I never imagined being able to handle.
    - I was a nationally ranked Giant Slalom Ski Racer, and Tennis Player all throughout high school.
    - Sex is not the greatest form of intimacy too me, I find that truly getting to know someone and becoming vulnerable; allowing yourself to be seen is real connection.

  • O que você mais gosta em si mesmo?

    That I have a natural urge to help others, and that integrity is Everything. My father recently passed away he is the one who taught me about integrity and trying to always do the right thing when no on is watching.

  • Quais são 5 coisas que você não pode viver sem?

    Free Weights, Morning Meditation, Coffee, Running, Spending time in nature.