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O que são entrevistas exclusivas

Conheça um pouco mais sobre a personalidade e preferências do acompanhanate que você está revendo para poder decidir se entrar em contato.

Apenas RentMen dá aos acompanhantes ou massagistas uma opção para lhe fornecer uma entrevista pessoal em suas próprias palavras para que você possa tomar uma decisão melhor com base no que ele diz sobre si mesmo. Leia sobre seu ponto de vista pessoal, aprenda o que ele pensa sobre seu trabalho, o que ele faz em seu tempo livre e como ele quer que você se sinta depois de passar algum tempo juntos.

Esses caras são muito mais do que fotos e descrições - somente RentMen lhe dá a chance de descobrir a um lado deles você pode achar muito interessante! Conheça-o antes de ligar!

Minha Entrevista

Caros Visitantes do RentMen, Recentemente RobYaeger escolheu responder 16 de perguntas da entrevista e foi atualizada pela última vez em .

  • Conte-nos um pouco sobre si mesmo, se você fosse escolher algo, o que você gostaria que os outros absolutamente soubessem sobre você?

    I'm super-serious about my life and lifestyle. But at the same time I have a lightheartedness about everything I do. I love joking and humor. I've been through a lot of trials and hard times in my life, and I've learned that unless something is really "serious," it's OK to have fun with it.

  • Quais são seus hobbies, o que você gosta de fazer em seu tempo livre?

    As I partly answered in a question above, my two main hobbies are online gaming and reading history/literature.

    Yes, I am a nerk and dork, and boy am I proud of it ;-)

  • Como você dá o melhor na sua vida?

    When it comes to clients, I am 100% committed. I am not a clock watcher and I understand that when someone hires me, they want a special experience. Nothing turns a person off more than the knowledge that their partner would rather be doing something else. So when I am spending time with a client, my focus is on them/their desire. That means I go beyond the call of duty when it comes to listening, and I never feel like a person is under time pressure with me.

    Furthermore, I never resent extra communication with clients. I count many clients as friends, and I'm happy to email with them as friends would do, in a completely non-businesslike way.

  • O que você faz para se divertir?

    I have a few consuming hobbies. First is online gaming. I love playing war games and blowing stuff up with digital friends. I've been playing video games since I was a kid, and apparently I haven't outgrown them. The toys have grown along with me!

    Second is reading. I love history and literature. I consume books as often as I can. Often it's hard for me to find the quiet time I need to really concentrate on my books, but when I do, I really love it.

  • Conte-nos sobre a melhor experiência que você teve na vida.

    My best experience in life has been the knowledge that I have cared for my disabled partner and enabled him to live the best life he can despite his disability. I really feel that I have made a huge difference for him, and that has given real meaning to everything I do.

  • O que o distingue de todas as outras pessoas que você conhece?

    I think my omnisexuality sets me apart from the rest. It's a defining characteristic. I relish my sexual identity and I am not afraid to spread my energy to all people and genders. It ties in with my unique masculinity to create a total package of confident potency.

  • O que você diria que são seus maiores atributos e / ou especialidade / especialidades?

    Well, I like to call myself the "Dicknician." Beyond the joke, I really take my ability to get hard and use my cock seriously. I work it out like the rest of my body with specific exercises, and I take vitamins to make sure my system works at peak capacity. This enables me to back up my stud persona with stud abilities.

    I love to be used for what I'm good at. And more and more people (and porn producers) are discovering that!

  • Qual é o seu "nicho"?

    My "persona" is the no-nonsense, down-to-earth top stud who radiates confident masculinity in everything he does. It's also a celebration of what I call "omnisexuality," namely, the idea that I'm a sexual being who consumes food from all sources. People have really enjoyed this persona, and I have enjoyed developing it. It's not exactly "daddy," but it shares some affinities with it. There's no doubt that when Rob Yaeger enters the room, a man has arrived :-)

  • Com que frequência você viaja? Você prefere viajar ou você é mais um casero?

    I travel about 25% of my time. So I'm away from home quite a bit. And my travel is all work-related. Either I'm seeing clients or I'm doing a porn shoot somewhere.

    I don't necessarily have a preference for traveling, but I certainly don't shy away from it.

  • Que tipo de regime de dieta e fitness você segue?

    A very rigorous one. I train at the gym 6 days a week. That fitness week includes all-body weight training, cardio, boxing, stretching and core workouts.

    I match my physical training with careful attention to what I eat. That means no sugar. I don't shy away from carbs when I need them, but I don't indulge too much in them, either. I consume about 200 grams or more of protein a day. And I make sure to get plenty of veggies in there, as well.

  • Quais são as especificidades de seu estilo de vida que fazem quem você é?

    My life is a celebration of the interaction between mind, body and spirit. I have a very routined, disciplined approach to myself that always has paid dividends. I train my body at the gym, I nourish my mind with study and I refresh my spirit through my love with my partner and my friends/family. It's a winning formula.

  • O que você gostaria que seus leitores soubessem sobre você que é único e até um pouco pessoal?

    I'm proud of the fact that I've been married to a man for 16 years. He became disabled in an accident in 2007 and I care for him full time at home. Part of the reason I *** is so that I have the time and flexibility to both care for him and pay our bills.

  • Se nós sentamos na praia e bebemos vinho e comemos boa comida só você e eu, o que você iria me dizer sobre você e sua vida?

    I would tell you that I have already lived a rich and satisfying life full of meaning, and I had already made a life-changing difference in the lives of others. And I'd tell you that changing careers from something more traditional to this one was the best thing I ever did.

  • O que os outros deveriam saber absolutamente sobre você?

    My defining feature is ethics. I strive always to do right by everyone I meet and know. That's not just an aspiration; it's really the way I live my life in all areas, professional and personal.

  • O que você mais gosta em si mesmo?

    My favorite thing about being a self-starter is that I don't report to any bosses. I hate corporate structures and I especially hate serving under someone I neither respect nor like. And of course, having the freedom to set my own hours is a huge plus for my personality type.

  • Quais são 5 coisas que você não pode viver sem?

    1. The gym
    2. My books
    3. Coffee
    4. My computer
    5. My partner